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How Personal Development Helps You As A Student? (Explained)

How Personal Development Helps You As A Student? (Explained)

College is a time of intense personal growth and development. You grow through opportunities, failure, success, and relationships. The people you meet at college will become lifelong friends. So, how does college help with personal development? And how personal development helps you as a student? In this article, we look at the different ways that college […]

Strategic Life Plan + [FREE Personal Strategic Plan Template]

strategic life plan-personal strategic plan template

Are you living a life that can become one of your best stories? Are you traveling down the road to long-term happiness or just adapting to the changes in front of you?  Strategic life planning is a process that’s designed to help you overcome obstacles, find your passion, and create lasting memories.  It’s the process […]

Core Values Quiz | Know Your Values | [BONUS 8 Personality Tests]

core values survey-the rokeach value survey

Have you ever taken a Core Values Quiz? You may also wonder what your Core Values are? Have you ever heard of The Rokeach Values Survey? Choosing your core values based on trendy buzzwords and marketing concepts is not enough. This Core Values Quiz based on the famous Rokeach Values Test will help you identify […]