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ClickUp Vs TickTick

clickup vs ticktick

Overview: ClickUp vs TickTick ClickUp is a fundamentally new kind of working software that brings together all the tools you use every day into one place. Instead of having to switch between multiple apps each time you want to do something different, we’ve built ClickUp to bring everything together in one place. You’ll always know […]

Drucker’s 9 Practices of Effective Leaders

druckers 9 practices of effective leaders

What are the best practices of effective leaders? Leadership is a critical skill to develop in order to be successful in your professional life. But what does it mean to be an effective leader? Effective leaders don’t just manage their time or delegate the work they don’t want to do—they also know when and how […]

Leadership Versus Management

Acting Like a Leader and Thinking Like a Leader

When I think of leadership and management, I like to use the metaphor of driving. A driver uses a car, which is an object that helps them get around. But a driver doesn’t care about the car itself; they don’t focus on how many quarts of oil are in it or whether the transmission has […]

33 Questions For Analyzing Your Business

Acting Like a Leader and Thinking Like a Leader

I like to work with highly successful people who are good at what they do…and, who want to become GREAT. In particular, I like to work with Financial Advisors, Real Estate Professionals, Small Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs.  From one-man/woman operations to multiple-member teams these professionals understand that they have more than a job.  They are […]

How To Use Productivity Techniques At Work [Complete Guide]

Productivity Techniques At Work

Do you want to know how to use productivity techniques at work? Well, it’s not just getting things done. It’s doing them in the best possible way, so they take up as little time as possible while still being effective. We’ve been doing this for years, and we’ve discovered a number of nifty tricks along […]

The Introverted vs Extroverted Thinking- How to Recognize Each

Introverted vs Extroverted

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Depending on your personality type, this question may not be easy to answer. Introverts and extroverts have different thinking processes, which can make it difficult to decide whether you’re more of an extrovert or an introvert. This article will help you determine whether you’re more of an introvert […]

11 Secrets to Acting Like a Leader and Thinking Like a Leader

Acting Like a Leader and Thinking Like a Leader

Leadership is not about being the boss, it’s about leading your team to success. If you are a leader, you know that there is always room for improvement and challenges in front of you. The secret to making tough decisions quickly is not hesitating when faced with a challenge. If you think like a leader […]

Personal Development Mentor: Why You Need It and How to Find One

Personal Development Mentor

If you’re struggling with your life or career, a personal development mentor can help. They’ll show you the way forward and help you meet your goals. It’s like a coach for your life, who helps you figure out what you want to achieve and then helps guide you there.   Personal Development Mentor Personal development […]

How To Plan Your Week To Be Productive: A Complete Guide

How To Plan Your Week To Be Productive

I’m the type of person who prefers having a plan. If I know what’s going to happen, I can prepare for it. If I know where I’m going, I can get there faster. So when it comes to being productive and setting goals for myself, weekly planning is my best friend. And if you’re like […]

How To Increase Productivity In Manufacturing: 10 Tips

How To Increase Productivity In Manufacturing

We’re living in a golden age of productivity. With new technologies, automation, and big data at our fingertips, there’s never been a better time to increase productivity in manufacturing. But many business owners are unsure how to get started or where the bottlenecks are hiding. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tips for increasing your […]