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How to get rid of bad luck

Bad luck is something that you’ll never want to experience, but unfortunately, it can happen. Bad luck is, when things don’t go your way, or when you’re surrounded by bad vibes. It’s also known as misfortune or a curse. There are several ways how to get rid of bad luck.

What is bad luck?

Bad luck is when something goes wrong. It’s the opposite of good luck, and it’s a belief that the future is controlled by fate, chance, or other forces beyond one’s control.

The idea of bad luck is usually associated with superstition. In some cultures, it’s a belief that certain numbers are unlucky or that certain words should never be spoken.

Why does bad luck happen?

As with many things in life, bad luck can be caused by a variety of factors. The most common reason for bad luck is the belief that you are cursed or have been targeted by evil spirits.

Some people believe that they have been cursed because they have done something wrong. Others believe that they have been cursed as punishment for misdeeds committed in past lives, while others still believe that their current misfortune is punishment for not following the moral guidance given to them by said gods or ancestral spirits.

The second most common cause of bad luck is your own actions; if you break one of your personal rules then this may trigger negative consequences from which it will take time to recover and overcome.

For example: If you always wear red and suddenly decide to change color completely (e.g., blue), then this could cause an adverse reaction from other people who were expecting something else entirely and therefore react negatively against what seems like a sudden change of heart on behalf on yourself when really it was more about changing up routine than anything else!

The third most common reason why we might experience negative energy surrounding ourselves would be due to another person’s actions towards us, whether intentional or unintentional depending on circumstances such as how well-known these other individuals might be within our communities (i..e., friends vs strangers).

How to get rid of bad luck

How to remove bad luck?

  • Reshape the future by asking God to help you bring good fortune into your life and push away bad luck.
  • Ask God for guidance on how to remove the causes of your bad luck.
  • Ask God for forgiveness if you have done something wrong that may have brought about this state of affairs in your life.



We don’t get the things we want, because we don’t ask God for them. We don’t ask God for them, because we aren’t prepared to receive them.

Bad luck is all around us. It’s not something that only happens to other people, it can happen to anyone.

We all have our own stories of how we got into a bad situation or how we were wronged by someone else.

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